What We Aim For

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said "The best things of the world are a chaste woman". As accord of the prophet's saying, we put efforts and try our best to make the women civilized and chaste with good education and morals so that we become a good nation which gives the lessons of humanity and prosperity to the world. And it is an open fact that Mother is the first teacher to her child and next comes the school teacher. If the mother in the house is a well educated and civilized, then children can become able, worthy and pious in their future life.

As all of you are aware that the maximum support the relatives extend to orphans in the form of food and clothes. They don't take care for their better education as much as they do for their own children. Due to this negligence, ultimately these orphans remain illiterates or just get primary level education after that they give up their studies and deeply get engaged in their domestic problems. Due to lack of education these children become very arrogant and unable to lead their families in an appropriate/religious way and moving forward they cannot provide better education to their children as well. These illiterate Orphans are a handicapped part of our society. Upon conducting a survey we noticed many of such cases, we aimed high and decided that we should try to decrease this critical problem of the society as much as we can and the orphanage was started in 2005 in a building at Nakhash area, Kadapa.

The main aims and objects of the Orphanage to uplift the poor and destitute orphan girls which not only to provide food and shelter but also include all other facilities for the orphan girls. At the Orphanage every girl inmate has the right to affection and understanding to free education facilities both Islamic and contemporary as well. They are provided with all facilities such as food, accommodation, clothes, medical treatment, learning materials, etc at free of cost. Some of the inmates are having neither father nor mother nor near relations. They are trained to be useful members of the society and develop individual abilities. Training in Computer Courses, Art & Craft, Sewing and the like is also provided to them. They are brought up in a spirit of peace and universal sisterhood so as to become proud citizen of our country.

In light of the above mentioned circumstances, the girls-orphanage, which is the one and only one in Kadapa, is a boon to the orphan girls

Aims Of Our Orphanage